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A casual cruise offers a new way of enjoying a holiday, providing a fine seagoing experience with magnificent views.

What is a casual cruise?

What is a casual cruise?

Rather than focusing specifically on luxury or elegance, the concept of a casual cruise is simply to provide a top-quality experience.
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Enjoy a casual cruise!

Enjoy a casual cruise!

Forget the passage of time and enjoy panoramic views on a ferry while smoothly slicing through the open sea. One of the features of a cruise is that passengers have the chance to enjoy the transportation itself.
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Information on Lines Operated by Individual Ferry Companies

Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry   PanStar Cruise   MOL Ferry Co., Ltd.

Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry

Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry, a leading carrier in cross-channel transport, covers a major line of northern Japan connecting Hakodate with Oma and Aomori.

PanStar Cruise

The Japan-Korea International Regular Cruise Ferry Service is a new international line connecting Busan, Korea and Osaka, Japan.

MOL Ferry Co., Ltd.

This company operates the Sunflower, a ferry well known to Japanese people, between Oarai and Tomakomai.
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